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About Clients2You – The #1 SEO Company in Las Vegas

If your business hopes to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace, you need to have a professional web presence that demonstrates your authority and expertise in your industry. If your business needs help overcoming this challenge, we’re here to help; we’re a team of highly skilled Las Vegas SEO consultants that help those in Las Vegas with SEO. If you or your business need any help establishing a strong digital presence (whether that means developing your website, finding the right keywords to effectively target the proper audience, reaching more customers, or optimizing your website for conversions), we would love to have a chat with you and discuss the next steps in the process. 

Not convinced that your small business really needs to have a website in 2019? 

Did you know that 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses

If your business doesn’t show up online, potential customers won’t go out of their way to find you; instead, they’ll move onto your competition. 

That being said, these are no longer the fabled glory days of the internet – long gone are the times where you could simply put a website up and start raking in the traffic; these days, marketing on the web is much more complex. Savvy online businesses (and your competition) are spending top dollar to implement effective search engine optimization strategies on their pages to attract highly targeted customers to their websites and convert them. 

Whether you have a website already or you’re building a brand new one, implementing proper search engine optimization strategies is imperative if you want your business to have a fighting chance at standing out on the internet. So what exactly is search engine optimization, anyway? 

In a nutshell, the concept of search engine optimization, often abbreviated as SEO, is understanding how consumers search online for the products and services that you provide. By collecting and interpreting this data on users behaviors, we can determine the best way to effectively target your desired audience to increase engagement with your brand and boost your website’s conversion rates. 

If your business needs help with search engine optimization or internet marketing in the Las Vegas area, we’re here to help you; Clients2You has over 15 years of experience developing innovative content experiences to captivate and engage your audience. 

So what does search engine optimization look like on the backend, exactly? Here’s a brief breakdown of how our Las Vegas SEO experts can help your business gain more traffic: 

Establishing a baseline of your current traffic 

With us, no marketing result goes unmeasured. From the day you sign on with us as a client, we work with you to establish your current web presence baseline, including the amounts of traffic your website is already getting, the sources your visitors come from, your current conversion rates, and more. Then, we get to work on optimizing and improving your website’s search engine performance on the back end. 

Researching keywords and key phrases

Step two is where we begin pinpointing the exact search terms consumers are using online to find the types of products and services your business offers. We dig through mountains of analytics and user behavior data to find the best keywords and long-tail key phrases to implement into the content and copy of your website that will drive the appropriate audience to your business. 

Optimizing your website top to bottom 

Solid search engine optimization starts at the code level of your website; we analyze your HTML tags and structure to find effective ways to implement your targeted keywords and drive traffic to your site. We optimize your page URLs, blog post titles, meta descriptions and more to make sure your website is cohesive to both users and the search engine bots that rank your site. 

Creating high-quality content 

In 2019, there’s no avoiding it – publishing high-quality content that entertains or helps readers solve a problem is a fantastic way to drive tons of quality traffic to your website. It’s important to keep your content relevant to the products and services you offer, but when utilized properly content marketing can provide your business with explosive growth. 

Building backlinks – the correct way 

Backlinks are links from one website that point back to your website (hence the term, back-link). These help search engines determine that your business is legitimate and has authority – after all, people are talking about you so you must be doing something right! 

We work on your behalf to develop a strategy to get backlinks to your site from highly reputable sources. 

Further, beware of shady companies that advertise being able to provide you with massive amounts of backlinks and rank your website in search results overnight. Search engine optimization takes a long time to do properly, and if you don’t follow the rules, Google can penalize your website in the search results, making it virtually impossible for potential customers to find you. 

Improving your website for local search performance 

If you do business mostly within a specific community or county (say, a dentist or chiropractor with an office that serves a local community), optimizing your website for local searches is crucial. When customers search for a business category on Google, they’re often presented with what’s know to digital marketers as “the three pack”. This is that box containing three businesses in your area that appears at the top of some search queries. Getting your business to show up in that three pack will ensure you acquire the maximum amount of traffic, both online and in-store, from your SEO strategies. 

We are a Las Vegas SEO company that specializes in providing businesses in Las Vegas search engine optimization, content marketing strategies, and pay-per-click account management. If your business needs any help with developing your website or reaching a larger, more highly targeted audience, we would love to have a chat with you and discuss the best solution for your business.

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