A blog is a shortened term for “weblog.” Either term refers to a website where entries are made similar to a journal or diary. The entries are presented in reverse chronological order, with the newest entry on top. Although blogs were originally used as a personal journal on everyday events, they have evolved into a multipurpose tool. There are blogs on every topic imaginable, from food to politics to celebrity gossip. Generally, blogs combine text entries with images, links to other blogs and other related media.

A blog entry consists of five basic components:

  • The Title: The main headline of the blog post.
  • The Body: The main content of the blog post, which can consist of text and/or photos and video.
  • Permalink: This is the URL of the individual post.
  • Post Date: The date and time the post was published to the blog website.

A blog entry can also include comments from readers, categories (commonly called tags) that label the blog entry by subject, and trackback links, which are links to other sites that refer to the blog entry.